Cade Foehner Biography

Cade Foehner, born on July 24, 1996, is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist hailing from Shelbyville, Texas. Foehner first gained recognition as a contestant on the sixteenth season of the popular reality singing competition, American Idol, in 2018. His distinct rock and blues-infused performances captivated both the judges and the audience, propelling him to the top 5 of the competition. With his long locks and charismatic stage presence, Foehner garnered a dedicated fan base and became known for his passionate renditions of classic rock anthems.

Prior to his rise to fame on American Idol, Foehner had already made a name for himself in the music scene. He began playing guitar at a young age and quickly developed a unique playing style infused with his southern rock roots. Foehner’s talent and passion for music led him to perform at various local venues and events in Texas, honing his craft and gaining experience as a live performer.

Through American Idol, Foehner’s eclectic taste in music became evident through his song choices, which ranged from classic rock hits to modern alternative tunes. His ability to put a unique spin on songs while staying true to his rock and blues influences set him apart from other contestants. Foehner’s powerful and soulful voice, combined with his exceptional guitar skills, left a lasting impact on both fans and the judges.

Following his time on American Idol, Foehner wasted no time in pursuing his musical career. In 2019, he released his debut single, Crown, showcasing his songwriting abilities and introducing his original material to the world. The song garnered positive reviews and further solidified Foehner’s place as a rising star in the industry. He has since continued to release music independently, including his sophomore single Baby Let’s Do This, further establishing himself as a versatile artist.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Foehner’s personal life also attracted attention. In 2018, he began dating fellow American Idol alum, Gabby Barrett, whom he met during their time on the show. The couple’s relationship quickly became a fan favorite, and they announced their engagement in March 2019. In October of the same year, they tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends. Foehner and Barrett often collaborate on music together, showcasing their shared love for singing and songwriting.

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