Charles Francis Colcord Biography

Charles Francis Colcord, born on November 16, 1849, in Natchez, Mississippi, was an American businessman and pioneer in the oil industry. Colcord made a name for himself as one of the first entrepreneurs to drill for oil in Oklahoma. In addition to his success in the oil business, he also had a significant impact on the development of Oklahoma City as a prominent figure in its early days. Colcord’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to progress left a lasting legacy in both the oil industry and the city he helped build.

Colcord’s foray into the oil industry began in the late 1800s when he partnered with J.S. Clark to drill their first oil well in Indian Territory, present-day Oklahoma. The venture was a success, and Colcord continued to invest in oil wells throughout the region. His business acumen and willingness to take risks paid off, and he soon became one of the wealthiest men in the area. Colcord’s success in the oil business played a crucial role in shaping the economic landscape of Oklahoma and establishing it as a major player in the industry.

Not only did Colcord contribute to the growth of the oil industry, but he also played a pivotal role in the development of Oklahoma City. In 1889, he moved to Oklahoma City and became one of the city’s foremost pioneers. He invested in various enterprises and helped fund several construction projects that transformed the city’s infrastructure. Among his notable contributions is the Colcord Building, which was the city’s first skyscraper and remains an iconic landmark to this day. Colcord’s dedication to building a thriving community earned him the nickname The Father of Oklahoma City.

Aside from his business pursuits, Colcord was a dedicated family man and philanthropist. He married Jane A. McKean in 1883, and together, they had four children. Colcord’s commitment to his family extended to his community, where he engaged in various charitable activities. He generously supported education, health, and art initiatives, making a significant impact on the well-being of Oklahoma City residents. His philanthropic work further solidified his reputation as a respected and beloved figure in the community.

Charles Francis Colcord passed away on September 27, 1934, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire and influence today. His contribution to the oil industry and his instrumental role in the early development of Oklahoma City are testaments to his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to progress. Colcord’s business ventures helped shape the economic landscape of the region, while his philanthropic endeavors left a lasting impact on the local community. His pioneering spirit and commitment to growth serve as an inspiration for generations to come.

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