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Micky Green is a French-Australian singer-songwriter and fashion model. She was born on January 28, 1984, in Sydney, Australia, to a French mother and an Australian father. Green developed a passion for music from a young age and started playing the piano at the age of six. In her late teens, Green moved to Paris to pursue a career in fashion modeling. She quickly gained success in the industry and worked for renowned designers and brands such as Chanel and Balenciaga. However, her true calling was music, and she began writing and recording her own songs during her free time. In 2007, Micky Green released her debut album titled White T-Shirt. The album received critical acclaim and showcased her unique blend of pop, rock, and soul music. The lead single, Oh!, became an instant hit and earned her attention from music lovers around the world. Green’s distinctive voice and catchy melodies captivated audiences, leading to the success of subsequent singles like Shoulda and In Between. Following the release of her debut album, Green embarked on an international tour, performing in various countries including France, Australia, and the United States. She gained a loyal fan base and continued to release music, with albums such as Honky Tonk (2010) and Daddy I Don’t Want to Get Married (2017). Throughout her career, Micky Green has collaborated with renowned artists and producers, further establishing her musical versatility. She has been praised for her honest and relatable lyrics, as well as her ability to infuse different genres into her music. Apart from her music career, Green also has a strong passion for environmental and social issues. She actively takes part in campaigns promoting sustainability and has been involved in charitable causes. Micky Green’s talent and dedication have earned her a prominent place in the music industry. With her unique style and soulful voice, she continues to create music that resonates with audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on both the fashion and music scenes.

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